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Design a trailer that can be pulled behind a jeep. Use the same bolt pattern and track width. Be light weight and have a system for self-leveling. Have a bed of 48in wide for hauling full width wood panels.    

Made from aluminum the weight without axels, cover and gear comes at just 215lbs. The axels each have an air system to control ride height and to help with leveling the trailer in camp. Drop legs give support once trailer is disconnected from jeep.  The off road hitch is removable so you can add a standard ball hitch for highway use. Inside tub size of 48.5”W x 60.25”L x 19”H gives you 32cu ft of storage. The hubs match the bolt pattern of the jeep, allowing interchanging the tires of both rigs. The trailer has the same track width to better follow the jeeps approach. The length of the tongue allows for a complete 180degree swivel of the trailer.

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