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 About Me


    Ever since I was a little boy I have always been fascinated about how things worked.  I started to replicate things I would see just to understand how. See a crane out the window as I rode in the back seat of the family wagon. Soon as I got home I would dump out my Legos and Erector sets, and build a working model. As I got older I began to build things that I would use, from a trailer to tow behind my bike to a potato launcher.


    In scouts, while the other kids were off throwing dirt at each other, I was right next to the crew building the rope bridge, or setting up a tipi, watching and learning just how the mechanics worked. Pinewood derby races consisted of a balsa wood block shaped how you wanted to. Add wheels and raced down a track. Most went for the standard wedge design; mine were trucks and Indy cars. Shaving wheels and moving the weight around to get the most out of each design.


    In High School I joined V.I.C.A. (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America) which challenged teams and individuals to compete to design and manufacture products as efficient as possible. One project was to create a bridge using only Popsicle sticks, spanning 2ft and limited to the attachment points on each side of the span. I took 1st with a bridge that weighed 9oz and held over 100lbs. They underestimated the abilities of the contestants and only brought 50lbs to load the bridges with. Attaching 5 gallon buckets to the end of the test load, they added pound after pound of sand. It was pretty awesome to see the eyes of all get bigger with every shovel full.


     I am a design engineer with over 20 years of experience designing products to exact customer specifications.  As is a Certified Solidworks Professional I have a strong understanding of 3D modeling. I have led design and manufacturing projects for chemical proportioning systems from concept to production.  Was the head of FTO (Fabrication To Order), working with customer and project demands. Leading designs and project manager for custom pipe support projects. I have been a design and engineering specialist for automotive performance products.  With experience with Lean Manufacturing, Value Stream mapping, Six Sigma, 5S, and Kaizen.  Being onsite overseeing installs, prototyping, research and development, I am involved in every step of a project. Along with 3D solid modeling and renderings, training in problem solving techniques, leadership and others.  Working with customers and vendors to provide the highest quality at the best cost meeting or exceeding the customer's requirements.


     Over the last 4+ years, I helped with the transition of Tolco into Cooper B-Line and then Cooper B-Line into EATON. While keeping the projects on time and customer needs filled, I worked at releasing new products to the industry.  I have worked with factories across the country on lean manufacturing, quality control and introducing new products.

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