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The objective was to come up with a way to haul an ATV on the back of a motor home without using a trailer. Since it was for a motor home there were a couple requirements that needed to be met. First it couldn’t come straight out of the receiver it needed to be high enough off the ground that it wouldn’t scrape when going into steep driveways or through dips and second it needed to be light enough for a single person to move it around.

I came up with a dual purpose rack that attaches directly into the receiver. I elevated the rack 18 inches above the receiver to solve the clearance issue. The rack was divided into two sections and this is where the “dual purpose” comes in. When using it to take haul an ATV, the sections are combined as a complete 6ft x 4ft rack. When only the first section is needed, you pull a pin and remove the rear section, still providing extra storage without the extra tail length. The rear section was designed to also fit into a standard 2” receiver allowing it to be used in with any pickup truck with a class III/IV receiver. The main section has adjustable legs on the outer edge that apply stability, preventing the load from rocking back and forth. Each section has 4 tie down points.  

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