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Open Source Ecology LifeTrac


Open Source Ecology Lifetrac wanted a self standing quick attach backhoe for the Global Village Construction Set. Needed to be built in the feild with simple manufacturing tools and off the shelf parts. Have stabalizer legs, options for a thumb and quick change bucket system.

I started with a design that would only need a few parts cut out with a plasma, handheld or table. All the shapes of each part are simple no frills pieces. As the need should rise to make repairs in the field, they can easily be replaced with standard materials or simple cookie cut parts out of plate. I wanted to have very few limitations with the operator. So I put together a chain and ram system to allow the boom to swing over 180degrees. This allowed for two important options. One, it let the operator flip the feet on the stabilizers from flat pads to a cleat/spike shoe without getting out of the cab. And Two, it allowed greater range of motion so the tractor did not have to be positioned perfectly. The bucket change system utilizes and standard mounting system with a quick change knuckle. All hydraulic rams are standard off the shelf units.    

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