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JEEP Front and Rear Bumpers

These bumpers were designed to be matching front and rear while incorporating the gap left from a body lift along with increasing the attack and departure angles.   

Each bumper started out with 1” thick D-shackle mounts. The front was designed to include a stinger to protect the radiator in the event of a roll over and to prevent the jeep from tipping over forward. The bumper also included a 3/8” mounting plate for a winch and a synthetic cable fairlead. With the bumper coming up to meet the fenders, this allowed the tires to get closer to the obstacle before the bumper made contact. With the lower portion of the bumper pitched inward, this also aided in increasing the attack angle.

The rear bumper had a Class III receiver along with LED reverse lights added to the center section. The bumper wraps around the tub/body to meet the fenders to aid in protection. The tire carrier has saddles on each side of the tire for jerry cans and a rack above the tire. The latch is a custom draw tight with a snap in place lock. The receiver is mounted high allowing an off road trailer to be used while not decreasing the break over angle.

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