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Handlebar Tape Fixings

Flying Machine

Bicycle Design Studio


Flying Machine- Bicycle Design Studio from Australia needed help to improve the finishing details to hold the handle bar tape in place. securing handlebar tape at both ends that is both aesthetically pleasing, very robust and able to be easily manufactured.

With most handle bar tape you can’t predict or control exactly where the tape will end. It could end on top of the bar, bottom, side. So having the compression able to tighten onto the end of the bar with the tape in any position was important to me. Once you lock down the inner clamp and start wrapping the tape to the end. No need to cut off excess, just tuck it in the bar and the outer clamp will secure the end and bind on the inner part of the bar without twisting by locking down on the compression ring.  Once the tape is secure at both ends, you can twist the end cap on and not worry about anything dislodging the cap loosening the tape.

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