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Light Electric Vehicle


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Italian company CRK s.r.l. was looking to design an electric car with a length less than 1800mm, width less than 1100mm, with the space for on driver and 4 batteries, along with two subframes housing the steering and motor gearing components.

The idea I had was to make more of a mix between golf cart and go cart. Having independent was something I thought was needed to adapt to the rough streets and be as nimble as could be. Having a narrow sleek body allowed the total vehicle to be light and less of a bubble in look. With the removable roof you are able to enjoy it with and without an enclosed cockpit. This aided in the option to park in very tight spots and not need to open the doors if you weren’t able. Keeping the batteries and driver between the wheelbase and low to the ground, significantly lowered the CG. Disk brakes along with regenerative drive system gave this car great stopping abilities.

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